LPS Corals

LPS or Large Polyp Stony corals encompass a wide range of corals from the exotic and unique Bleeding Apple Scolys , Rainbow Challice or Inferno Acanthastrea Hillae Coral to some of the more common Anchor or Hammer corals. MDL offers a wide variety of both aquacultured frags as well as wild caught specimens that are one of a kind and hard to find. With our WYSIWYG corals, you always know exactly what to expect to arrive at your home.

Most LPS corals will require moderate to high intensity lighting (metal halide, LED or T5 lighting is recommended) as well as proper water quality in particular calcium, alkalinity and magnesium to help build their calcareous skeleton. They will also benefit from feeding of meaty foods such as shrimp, fish and/or clams as their feeding tentacles will readily pull in these foods. Most will prefer low to moderate water flow.

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